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Montage Short Film Festival 2018 (Short Cuts)

Montage’18 has a new segment this year exclusively for the children film makers. Short Cuts: Celebrating children shots is an open film making platform for school children below the age group of 15 years (up to class X). It’s an initiative to expose young minds to the world of film making for a new experience and development. It is important to expose kids to new experiences for their development. Participating in this event may fortify creativity in children and inspire them to learn new ideas on visual story-telling. We strongly believe that film as an art form would widen their cultural knowledge and help them understand universal human values. The participatory nature of the festival would also then foster an attitude of collective learning and idea sharing.

Send your entries to

Last day for entry for the fest is 28th Dec 2017.



Veterans Documentary Teaser

This documentary shows how “Madhavram”, a small village in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, later went on to be famously known as “Military Madhavaram.”
This Documentary consists the life stories of Ex- Servicemen of Madhavram who fought in various wars and served the nation. The Ex- Servicemen have inspired many generations to join the Army from World War 1 till today and also in the future, their journey never ends.
A Documentary directed by Amit Kumar.
Crew Members
Amit Kumar
Feroz Hussain
Siddhant Thakur
Siddharth Kumar Singh
Tejaswini Nissankara
Shivangi Roy
Ratan James Paul

Director, Editor, Camera – Amit Kumar
Asst. Director- Feroz Hussain
Asst.Editors – Ratan James Paul, Feroz Hussain
Photography – Siddhant Thakur
Narration – Tejaswini Nissankara
Subtitles – Dhanunjay G.S

Krishna Nagar – Short Film By Harsha

Krishna Nagar is a Short film Written & Directed By Harsha.

This is a story about a guy named Suhas who is trying to enter the Film Industry with an aspiration to become an actor.

Did Suhas become an actor? How? To know more watch the short film here:

Written & Directed by Harsha
Starring- Suhas Gupta , Suraj Reddy, Vishnu Vinnu, Supraja Cheruvu, Sumanth Madhavala
Editing- Rahul Vijay
Music- Shashank, Padindi Vamsi

Krishna Nagar Crossed 1,50,432 views on Youtube within One month of release on Runway Reels Youtube Channel.

Some of the Other Short Film’s By Harsha are as below.

Humans of Hyderabad


Shutter and some green


Sound asleep


A sip of refreshment


Frailty echoes in the periphery while I am at the center


What do you see?


By: Siddhant Thakur 

Aakashavani a Musical Vibe By Sandeep Kishan

Aakashavani is Sandeep Kishan’s directorial debut short film for which he has also given his voice as Radio Jockey.

it is story of a guy and girl who meets in a coffee shop but never spoke a word. What all happens on the screen is synced with the radio jockey’s version in the Directors own fictional radio station 99.5FM. the rest story is about how the guy approaches the girl in a completely different way.The best part is the humour generated when the guy tries to grab the girl’s attention.

Written and Directed by Sandeep Kishan Chowdary
Cinematography by Sharath Chandra.v
Caste – Ranveer chiriguru and Mudita Rajan
Editor – Sidharth
Sound designer – Mustafa yusuf
Produced by Karthikeyan Gatlewar and Sravana Keerthi Chowdary

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