This documentary shows how “Madhavram”, a small village in West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh, later went on to be famously known as “Military Madhavaram.”
This Documentary consists the life stories of Ex- Servicemen of Madhavram who fought in various wars and served the nation. The Ex- Servicemen have inspired many generations to join the Army from World War 1 till today and also in the future, their journey never ends.
A Documentary directed by Amit Kumar.
Crew Members
Amit Kumar
Feroz Hussain
Siddhant Thakur
Siddharth Kumar Singh
Tejaswini Nissankara
Shivangi Roy
Ratan James Paul

Director, Editor, Camera – Amit Kumar
Asst. Director- Feroz Hussain
Asst.Editors – Ratan James Paul, Feroz Hussain
Photography – Siddhant Thakur
Narration – Tejaswini Nissankara
Subtitles – Dhanunjay G.S